Frontier Studios' programs are an evolution of the thousands of unique food, art and cultural programs produced at Frontier since 2007. Our projects are built around collaboration and are designed to celebrate storytelling, connect people to the world, and inspire our community to be more engaged global citizens. Our goal with each project is to entertain, educate, inspire and/or nourish.


Southgate Faces

Southgate Faces: Faces and Voices from an American Shipyard

Photographic Exhibition: Curious about the gritty, hardhat-wearing workers at a shipyard in their own backyard, Heather Perry and Hopper McDonough of Bath, Maine set out to capture the faces and voices of shipbuilders at Bath Iron Works, one of the nation’s oldest shipyards and one of Maine’s largest employers. What began as a mission to gain understanding about the lives of a population in their blind spot took on new significance about halfway through the project, in the heat of the 2016 presidential election. Amid so much public discord, Heather and Hopper found themselves poised to listen to the neighbors they’d never known. It is their hope that the project continues to promote listening and respectful discourse between communities that have often moved among one another without the benefit of dialogue.



SoundBites is a new kind of storytelling series produced by Frontier Studios, the new non-profit arm of Frontier that expands our work as a community connector/curator/catalyst. With a dedicated theme tying each Bite together, the night will feature regional Moth StorySlam Champions and locals sharing true tales. The sixth installment of our third season will be themed Seen/Unseen. All tellers TBA. Generous sponsorship is made available by Allagash Brewing, Toad & Co and The Press Hotel.

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Mountainfilm on Tour

Mountainfilm on Tour

Founded in 1979, Mountainfilm is one of America’s longest-running film festivals. Mountainfilm is a dynamic organization and festival of films, people, art, stories, and ideas that celebrate indomitable spirit, educates and inspires audiences, and motivates individuals and communities to advance solutions for a livable world.

Mountainfilm on Tour in Brunswick features a collection of culturally rich, adventure-packed and enlightening documentary short films that align with Mountainfilm’s mission to use the power of film, art and ideas to inspire audiences to create a better world. A Mountainfilm presenter will guide the audience through the program providing insight on the films, filmmakers and subjects.

Frontier Studios along with To The Top Foundation and Apogee Adventures collaborated with the Rick Wilson (Community Outreach & Extended Learning Opportunity Coordinator at Brusnwick HS) to bring this unique program into the local schools, as an opportunity expose young people to the inspiring power of storytelling.

Plus Ultra

Plus Ultra: Further Beyond

Photographic exhibition: Our world’s vast cultural landscape is ultimately defined by the intimate, gritty, and vulnerable moments we universally share. Plus Ultra ~ Further Beyond reflects these moments and seeks to connect us to the world and to the inspiration behind creating Frontier.

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Goats in Space

Goats in Space: A Creative Mind Knows No Borders

Fundraiser: Gather some friends to see the donated art and meet some of the artists, hear a few powerful stories (including a special story told by a Telling Room student), and enjoy some Sunflower Farm products made with milk from their herd of 27 Nigerian Dwarf Goats.

The auction of Goats in Space art will be running through winter on Facebook, and we will complete the final bidding live and announce winners at Frontier. This is the perfect opportunity to score a super original Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetie.

The Cafe in the adjoining room will be open for those attending. If you would like to come to the Restaurant for dinner and make it a full night out, please make a reservation in advance so you are sure to get a table and plenty of time to enjoy both dinner and the event.

Science On Screen

Science On Screen

The Coolidge Corner Theatre's Science on Screen® series has enhanced film and scientific literacy with this popular program, which launched at the Coolidge in 2005. In partnership with the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and its pioneering nationwide film program, the Coolidge has expanded Science on Screen to 72 cinemas nationwide.

Throughout the academic year, SoS creatively pairs screenings of classic, cult, science fiction, and documentary films with lively presentations by notable experts from the world of science and technology. Each film is used as a jumping-off point for a speaker to introduce current research or technological advances in a manner that engages popular culture audiences—from the function of the amygdala in the zombie brains of Night of the Living Dead to how far epidemiology has come since The Andromeda Strain.

Passport for Kids

Passport for Kids

Frontier Studios is working to resurrect the Passport Program for Kids. Originally produced in collaboration with Janice O’Rourke and Jennifer Torok in 2008 - our guides take kids on virtual journeys around the world through stories, songs, movement, art and food. Each “traveler” will engage in a one-hour, interactive journey highlighting a different part of the world. Travelers will get a Frontier passport to be stamped at the end of a journey, a boarding pass, and a postcard to ‘send home'. The Passport Program is geared for 6-10 year olds and will be held in our cinema space. Parents are encouraged to relax and enjoy refreshments in the café!

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