Frontier Studios is a curator, cultivator and catalyst; working collaboratively to incubate, design, and produce food, arts, and cultural projects that connect people to the world.

Our Mission

Frontier Studios' mission is to harness the power of food, arts and culture to empower people to be more curious and engaged global citizens.


Frontier Studios was inspired by a life spent leading adventure and cultural expeditions around the world, and by the belief that when we venture beyond the familiar, embrace the unpredictable and share our stories, we open up a world of infinite possibilities. In my experiences around the globe I witnessed the profound impact storytelling has on communities. I was most intrigued by the variety of venues in which communities gather to share their stories. Stories are shared at work, in town halls, in churches, mosques and synagogues. They are shared in the markets and public squares. And they are shared around the table at home and in the cafes and taverns, in the theatres and cinemas. In all cultures, stories are shared in the “meeting places”. These places become the reference points for communities, and serve as vital conduits for the exchange of thoughts and ideas.

As an expedition leader around the globe and as the founder of Frontier I’ve taken great pride in facilitating the exchange of cross-cultural stories and exposing others to new frontiers. These stories are present in the rich textures, smells, images and sounds that surround us everyday. They are visceral, and inspire lively exchanges and enriching discussions. And best of all they provoke a sense of exploration, and encourage us to venture beyond our own boundaries and seek new perspective; new possibilities. Frontier Studios was born from a sense of curiosity, a quest for discovery, and from the power of storytelling.

– Michael Gilroy (Gil), Founder

The Board

Michael Gilroy

Michael Gilroy (Gil)

Gil is an explorer, cross-cultural facilitator and entrepreneurial business leader. He has studied international business and relations in Virginia/Washington, D.C. He’s lived in Russia and attended school in Moscow and St. Petersburg. He’s designed and led cultural expeditions on the Trans-Siberian Railway and along the Silk Road through China, Russia, Mongolia, Central Asia, and the Middle East. He worked in Iran before returning to the United States to begin building Frontier – a destination where people gather to explore the world through food, film, music and art. He is also a founding board member of To The Top Foundation and Treehouse Institute.

Janice O'Rourke

Janice O'Rourke

Janice O’Rourke has had a winding road kind of life—growing up in New Jersey, helping her mother learn lines to Neil Simon plays, her love of theater and storytelling started at a young age. She performed the entire A Chorus Line to the living room couch whenever the house was empty; one time getting a fat lip on the side of the coffee table during the song “At the Ballet.” Janice worked as an actor and singer songwriter for many years in NYC as well as here in Maine. She then segued her skills in performing arts to a 20 year career in executive coaching and leadership development. Janice now works at L.L.Bean where she designs and delivers leader development programs and does executive coaching. She and her photographer husband, Darren Setlow, are raising two boys and a dog to be outsiders through and through.

Chris Dargie

Chris Dargie

Chris is a shareholder in Bernstein Shur’s business law practice group in Portland and father of two young girls. Always down for a hard effort, he has completed many ultra-distance running, hiking, cycling and Nordic skiing trips, but is most content paddling Maine’s lakes and rivers with his family in its trusty Old Town.

Donna Galluzzo

Donna Galluzzo

Donna Galluzzo began her career as a third grade teacher in the South Bronx, NYC. Since then, she’s lived and worked in Washington, D.C., Toronto, Canada and (gratefully) Maine. Donna’s employment history has been as varied as the places she's called home; she’s worked in education, finance, advocacy, media arts and HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment. In December 2012, she and her wife were one of the first couples to legally marry in the state of Maine, after Donna wooed said spouse with a shared love of iceberg lettuce. Donna currently lives in Portland’s Arts District with her wife and their adorable Goldendoodle, Teddy.

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